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How can we make the journey to school safer?

Congestion near the school is a major safety issue. Our map shows walking zone circles – if you live within the 5 and 10 minute walking zone circles we ask that you please walk to school. It won't take as long as you think!

Families coming from outside of the walking zone circles should consider whether they can catch a bus, park and stride, or car share with other families.

Live within the 5 minute walking zone? – It could be quicker to walk to school!

The majority of children live within a mile of school.

Many families already walk to school but we need everyone to join in.


Active children

Teachers find that children who walk, arrive at school more relaxed, alert and ready to learn. Even a short walk gives everyone a good start to the day and contributes to the 30 minutes of physical activity, recommended to do every day. Walking has been proven to benefit physical and mental wellbeing. It also gives young people the opportunity to socialise before and after school on their journeys which travelling in a car doesn't provide.

If you live a bit too far away from school to be able to walk you may want to consider cycling to school. Cycling is also a brilliant form of exercise which can improve fitness levels. It also allows young people to develop independent travel as it is possible to travel slightly longer distances without being reliant on an adult for a lift in the car.

For more information about walking and cycling in Hertfordshire visit:

Park & Stride...

If you live too far from school to walk all the way then why not 'Park & Stride'?

Many parents now use Park & Stride. It's easier than searching for a parking space in the street outside the school, you won't be blocking the streets for local residents and it helps reduce the amount of pollution around the school.

Why not try parking in different places near the five or ten minutes walking zone circles and find your favourite route to school?

Free your Feet!

Free your Feet increases students' awareness of the benefits of walking, and encourages them to walk as much as they can, on their school journeys, over a week.

Student postcards are collected at the end of the week, and entered into a prize draw, with one student at each participating school winning the £50 shopping voucher. Everyone who has walked at all (however far), has an equal chance of winning.

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